Robert Heineman

About Robert Heineman



With a degree in architecture from Rice University, Robert Heineman began on The Woodlands’ project as an intern for The Mitchell Energy and Development Company. Building a community from scratch is no small feat. The early years were fraught with uncertainty and fiscal challenges, but Robert was steadfast in his commitment to Mitchell’s dream, and within ten years he had assumed the position of Vice President of Planning and Design, a position he holds to this day, 45 years later. Along the way, Heineman earned a master’s degree in urban planning from Harvard University. His infamous notecard sketch of our now vibrant Woodlands Waterway, and his forethought and attention to detail, has made The Woodlands the community it is today.

In 2009, Heineman was granted fellowship by the American Institute of Architects. In 2010, Heineman received the prestigious George Mitchell Award for “helping guide the vision for The Woodlands and lay[ing] the groundwork for the Town Center and development of The Woodlands Waterways.” The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce recognized Heineman as Volunteer of the Year in 1993 and Citizen of the Year in 2014.

In addition to his day job, Robert freely gives of his time through the mobility committee of The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce, the bench committee of The Woodlands Art Council and several owners’ association boards.
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