Dr. Joel Reed

About Dr. Joel Reed



After returning from serving as a physician in the Korean War, Dr. Joel Reed and his wife, Jeanne, settled in Houston, where he established a private medical practice in the Texas Medical Center, focusing on internal medicine and pulmonary disease. During this time, Dr. Reed served as president of the Harris County Medical Society, where he worked to create a plan that brought health care to patients who could not otherwise afford it. He rallied 100 physicians, 300 pharmacies and three area hospitals to join a coalition to help those in need of care. The effort received national attention, culminating in an invitation from then President Ronald Regan, where Dr. Reed was honored at a White House reception.

Dr. Reed moved to The Woodlands upon retirement at the age of 70, where he quickly assumed a central role with the Interfaith Community Clinic. From assisting with the first fundraising efforts to acquire a building, to seeing patients on a regular basis, Dr. Reed is the lifeblood of the Clinic. Just a few years ago, on his 90th birthday, United States Congressman Kevin Brady awarded Dr. Reed a commendation for his life’s work.

When his wife, Jeanne, passed in 2008, Dr. Reed established a foundation in her name that regularly awards grants to local, deserving charities.
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